The Decision Making Process Criteria

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ALTERNATIVE APPROACH In retrospect, if the following leadership decision-making process criteria would have been followed many children would not have been exposed to molestation. The Freeh report (2012) made more than 100 recommendations for change to be instituted by PSU including restructuring governance; administration and general counsel structure, policies and procedures. Additionally, the university culture needs to transform stressing values and ethics-based decision making. A process adjustment is required for compliance, risk and misconduct reporting. The athletic department must be integrated into an oversight and compliance process by the leadership. The programs involving children require greater management leadership with frequent accountability process to be established. Ultimately, the leadership itself that was involved in the case should be transitioned. Another primary recommendation of the report was to appoint an ethics officer to serve as counsel to the President and board on ethics issues and alignment with Penn State Principles. The officer is to establish a council and select a Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) with whom ethics initiatives are synchronized. The goal of this council is to emphasize and practice transparency at all levels while communicating openly and frequently with the university around issues. The university was also asked to establish the Penn State Rock Ethics Institute. The Ethics Officer
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