The Decision Of The Following Lesson Plan Essay

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According to the Australian Curriculum, Years 3 and 4 students are to become independent readers that are able to describe “complex sequences of events that extend over several pages and involve unusual happenings within a framework of familiar experiences” through complex language features. This includes varied sentence structures, unfamiliar vocabulary, significant high-frequency sight words and decoding of words phonically, and a variety of punctuation conventions, illustrations and diagrams (ACARA, 2016). The intention of the following lesson plan is to improve the Year 3 students’ comprehension skills through a guided reading - specifically to develop their ability to understand and evaluate language through a teacher directed reading. By doing so, students will be able to further develop their fluency for reading and understanding of how language is used in text. Additionally, students would be able to develop the ability to infer from text, which aligns with the content descriptors of the lesson plan, as well as the Australian Curriculum’s level description. The lesson plan was created for a group of six students with different, but not vast difference, of literacy capabilities. The lesson plan has a structure of an introduction, body and a concluding activity with a few differentiation considerations for Maya and Than, of which they are classified as EAL students. The aboriginal English proficient students - Rada, Jean and Thomas – are to be expected to learn
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