The Decision That Cost Nixon 's Presidential Legacy

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The Decision That Cost Nixon’s Presidential Legacy
Kyle Knox
History to 1877
Upper Iowa University

Some people in American history are remembered for their excellence in history like Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity and President Abraham Lincoln’s emancipation of slavery in the 19th century. There are those who leave a mark in history that will always be remembered, especially in the oval office. President Richard Nixon left his legacy only referred as one thing, Watergate. This decision cost President Nixon not only is presidency but tainted his name forever as an American President. Nixon was quick to deny the allegation that he was involved in any activity at the Watergate hotel but reporters began to follow the trail of paper work the led them to Nixon. During Nixon’s speech on August 8, 1974, he used words like “some errors in judgment” and these words have stuck with Nixon until his death (Faragher, 2012, 880). During Nixon’s first term as president, he was faced with the war in Vietnam and the outcry from Americans to withdraw from Vietnam. Right away, Nixon called for a “silent majority” in a national televised statement and asked Americans to restore their confidence in the American government (Biography of Richard Nixon, 2011). Four years after Nixon addressed the nation, America had zero soldiers in Vietnam. Nixon wanted to establish foreign policy in his first term because his goals were to reduce international tensions by forging new links with old…
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