The Decision That Cost Nixon 's Presidential Legacy

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The Decision That Cost Nixon’s Presidential Legacy Kyle Knox History to 1877 Upper Iowa University Some people in American history are remembered for their excellence in history like Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity and President Abraham Lincoln’s emancipation of slavery in the 19th century. There are those who leave a mark in history that will always be remembered, especially in the oval office. President Richard Nixon left his legacy only referred as one thing, Watergate. This decision cost President Nixon not only is presidency but tainted his name forever as an American President. Nixon was quick to deny the allegation that he was involved in any activity at the Watergate hotel but reporters began to follow the trail of…show more content…
Nixon wanted restore with Americans and the world that the Americans government was still one of the Super Powers in the world, since the U.S. had a poor showing during the Vietnam War. With Nixon’s popularity at an all-time high, he sought re-election for a second term and won another term in 1972. Nixon thought to be another four years at the realms in the oval office was quickly put to an end. During Nixon’s 1972 campaign for his second term, his administration was alleged to be a part of the infamous “Watergate scandal” (Richard M. Nixon, 2011). On the night of June 17, 1972, five men entered the Democratic National Committee offices inside the Watergate office complex in Washington D.C. A night guard found the men in the offices and had them arrested at 2:30 am. After investigators began their interrogations of the men, they saw these men belonged to the Committee to Re-Elect President Nixon (The History Place, 2000). When investigators found this information about these men, red flags went up and the investigation turned to President Nixon. The reason for why these men were sent to Watergate is because in 1970, The New York Times revealed a secret bombing campaign against Cambodia was being directed as part of the American war effort in Vietnam. When Nixon heard of this, he ordered wiretaps of reporters and government employees to discover source of the news leaks (Ibid.). This decision made by Nixon cost his presidency. As soon as news broke out
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