The Decision That Should Matter But Do Not

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Dean Styx 10/27/15 ENG105 Jenny Downer The Decision that should matter but do not The modern era, politically, has been defined by the right of everyone’s own decision, for who’s in power, what they do in power and how to stop them if they get too powerful. It was the individual’s decision to let one into power. Of course if a country did not do this, we as Americans would see that as backwards and not right to the point of military intervention when in our own nation we do not get full say in who become president. The decision making does not include world leaders but also includes the day to day decisions and our own life decisions we make every day, such as our job decisions. But it would seem that all these decisions are pointless and…show more content…
He describes how the western philosophy has described how to make a better world by just simply giving the individuals more choice in the world. Schwartz then later in the lecture goes on to explain how this ever growing amount of choice can lead to a “paralysis” of choice. According to Schwartz this paralysis is being exemplified by the amount of choices given to them. This has led to an opposite effect where instead of giving more choices equals a better life, now more choices means no choices at all leading to no choice at all. Schwartz gives another example of cellphones doing ludicrous things such as nose trimming, toothbrush and even a lighter. Here exemplifies how the growing number of choices has led to the elderly simply not getting cell phones or televisions because they cannot understand how to use the call feature or how to change the channel of the television. The vast amount of choices has also lead to the agency of one’s choices to decease as well. With so many options our decisions rely totally on us according to Schwartz, that if our choice in anything is so much as not perfect, then our decision was a bad decision and one could have made a better decision. Which leads to a loss in agency in oneself as well as depression, due to no decision ever being good enough. The amount of decision and choices available leads to an increasing expectation of how good the product should be. The lack of agency and the illusion
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