The Decision Tree Method For Intrusion Detection System

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There are many risks in using the internet irrespective of its popularity. These risks are network attack, and attack method which vary every day. This research is aim to compare decision tree method for intrusion detection. As intrusion detection is one of the major research problem in network security. Tradition intrusion detection system contain a number of problems, such as low performance, high false negative rate, low intelligent level. In this research work we compared effectiveness of decision tree method in Intrusion Detection System. We also compare the detection rate, false alarm rate for different types of attack.

1.0 Background
Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) are software or hardware designed to automatically monitor activities within a network of computers and identify any security issues . IDS have been around for at least 30 years since increased enterprise network access produced a new challenge, the need for user access and monitoring. As day-to-day operations grew increasingly dependent upon shared use of information systems, levels of access to these systems and clear visibility into user activity was required to operate safely and securely.
Many of the initial headway on IDS was made within the U.S. Air Force. In 1980, James P. Anderson, an innovator of information security and member of the Defense Science Board Task Force on Computer Security at the U.S. Air Force, produced “Computer Security Threat Monitoring and Surveillance,” a
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