The Declaration Of Human Rights

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From an early age, we are told that “Life is unfair.” This is something which is often engraved into our heads. However, this mentality leads others to think the certain qualities in individuals make them deserve certain unfair treatment. This mentality has had dire consequences around the world. Although the UN has The Universal Declaration of Human Rights which consist of 30 articles; these are often violated. These are 30 articles outline the basic human rights which should be granted to every person. Each of these articles is crucial to basic humanity, however, I believe that there are three articles which are more than essential. The rest of the articles are dependent on these three articles to be able to be effectively applied.…show more content…
This can be observed through the law. Although everyone should have the equal right to marry whomever they want, this was not the case until 2000 in a few select countries.
This article is so important because if an individual is not actually recognized fully by the law this affects every aspect of a society. Another example of this is if a country were not allowing women to go to school this violates the UNs declaration of human rights. Someone education should not depend on an innate characteristic.
Throughout the world, there are children who are consistently fighting for an education. There are numerous cultures which prohibit girls, especially, from obtaining and education. These cultures have various norms and reasons which prevent individuals from attaining an education. This is an enormous issue because education is the pathway for the development of the nation. Education is necessary for the economic prosperity of a country. As the countries literacy rates rise, so does their economic affluence per various research studies. Since children are the next generation, they need to informed to be able to better the society. Education allows people to have equal opportunities. If individuals have access to an education they would have a gate to a myriad of tools.
Through school, individuals are socialized. This socialization is essential since it teaches humans the moral and ethical way of society. There is a certain respect
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