The Declaration Of Independence And Independence

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Who were the writers of the Declaration of Independence? Who are our founding fathers and where did they receive these great ideas? I will examine the main writer of the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson and look at the sources he used to begin our country. If Thomas Jefferson was a student at the United States Sergeant Major Academy, and he submitted his Declaration of Independence to turn it in would he pass? Were our founding fathers even great thinkers or were they just taking the advice of someone else and putting it to use? The ideas and political thought that inspired the historic Declaration of Independence did not extemporaneously pop into Thomas Jefferson’s head, but rather were a product of English literature. Start of Independence The Declaration of Independence purpose was to demonstrate the accretion of power by the Continental Congress as a concomitant to the drive for separation from the British Empire. Earlier in 1765, the continental congress met to directly petition the two houses of the British Parliament. The Stamp Act Congress was the first major meeting of the Continental Congress. In 1774, the King himself would be the target of a more direct approach by the Congress. The balance in argument between economic policy, on the one hand, and the natural and constitutional rights, on the other, that had characterized the literary efforts during the Stamp Act crisis changed to a total emphasis on American rights in 1774. The colonies
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