The Declaration Of Independence From England

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July 4, 1776 marks the day that the 13 colonies, that will eventually become the United States of America, signed the declaration of Independence from England. The declaration pretty much summarized the colonists’ motivation for seeking independence. The 13 colonies want to obtain their independence from England for many reasons. England establishing the Stamp Act was the first major American opposition to the British Policy that led Americans to realize that it was a time for change. By gaining their Independence, American colonists were finally able to confirm an official alliance with the government of France and obtain French assistance in the war against Great Britain. In 1776 colonial leaders discussed the possibility of forming foreign alliances and began to draft the Model Treaty that would serve as a basis for the 1778 alliance with France. The leaders of the declaration of independence wanted to make sure that they had sufficient congressional support before they would bring the issue to the vote. The main leaders wrote drafts of the declaration and each reviewed the others work to make sure that everything was ready to show congress the final draft on June 28, 1776. All though the CBS broadcast reenacted the singing of the Declaration of Independence very well, no one will ever know the actual history of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The CBS broadcast, “You Are There” reenacts the signing of the Declaration of Independence, but of course there
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