The Declaration Of Independence Of The United States

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Before 1776, the colonies were under strict British rule due to a series of acts by King George III that levied heavy taxes against the colonies without representation. It was this that ultimately led to the American Revolution and more importantly the Declaration of Independence, a document that would be the foundation of our country as we know it. The Declaration of Independence was the way the colonies literally declared that they were no longer going to live under the rule of the British and instead would form an entirely new nation free of these strict laws. The issuing of the Declaration of Independence marked the first time that Americans really started to cement their name as the “land of the free”. Unfortunately, the inception of the document was not even an idea until around early 1776. For the most part the colonies had very little problems with the British before the 1750s, but the end of the French and Indian War marked the beginning of the conflict between the colonies and Great Britain. After that, it was nothing but a clear road to America becoming the country it is today. The losses and expenses of the war plunged the British into a steep debt in 1763. This was a debt that King George felt necessary that the colonies should help pay in the form of taxes for things such as sugar, paper, lead, and of course tea. The first act put into place by the British over the colonies was the Sugar Act and it would soon be followed by others. These were
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