The Declaration Of Sentiments And Resolutions

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Feminism in the United States:
The Declaration of Sentiments

Kyron Brown

History 2010 – W9
Professor Pennig
November 26, 2014 Introduction

In the year 1848, Elizabeth Cady Stanton conveyed to the audience of the Seneca Falls Convention the Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions . The Declaration of Sentiments was written with the purpose of demanding civil freedom for women and of righting the wrongs of society. The Declaration included events where women’s rights were being oppressed and violated and where laws were giving special treatment to men. It also included the resolutions they demanded on these particular cases.
In addition, the Declaration was written due to the fact that women in all parts of the globe were being oppressed for many years. The women in many countries, just like in the United States of America, were given a limited set of rights in the society compared to their male counterparts. One great example of this was the women’s suffrage in the United States, which was not inherently given to them until its national enactment in the year 1920.

The document was specifically written for women and the events that revolved around their poor conditions in the past. It was also evident that one of its objectives was to promote and endorse feminism. This was due to the fact that women in America were being oppressed up until the mid-20th century. As Martha C. Wright indicated, the American women at the time, specifically the wives,
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