The Declaration Of The United Nations

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“We the people of the United Nations,” is the beginning of the UN preamble. First states, “Determined to save succeeding generations from war.” Secondly to, “reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights.” Third, to uphold international law. And fourth, “to promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom.” The UN is a controversial topic that many people have different opinions about. In this paper it will discuss the history to how the United Nations came about, the structure of it, what it has done and is doing towards helping people and keeping peace. And overall show the efforts toward their Charter and what can be done about the future for the United Nations.
The United Nations started to produce through the League of Nations. President Woodrow Wilson outlined his idea of the League of Nations in January, 1918. People supported the idea of an international organization that could settle disagreements before they turned into military conflicts seemed like a good idea. However, the league got denied at Versailles, the United States did not join which made the new organization end in a halt. Though, later on, the league settled land disputes and also helped with international opium trade with some success. By acting in such conflicts as an umbrella organization for agencies, it provided an ideal structure for the future United Nations. Even as it failed later on in history, it provided help to construct the UN and also provided to what could not happen…
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