The Declaration Of The United States

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Jeni Wenze
October 17, 2015
HIS 112-166
On April 26, 1852 the South Carolina State, justified its intentions to secede from the United States due to the increased violations of the Constitution by the Federal Government as well as its limitation on the reservation rights within the States. In 1860 after Abraham Lincoln election the South thought that the government was becoming too powerful, which led South Carolina to secede as the first state from the United States Union. However, remaining as part of the United States would be the best resolution for South Carolina.
Secession from the United States will have a negative effect on the nation as the people are used to being governed in a particular way. The United States as a democratic …show more content…

Losing in the civil war will not only lead to the death of many people within the state but will also lead to questioning of the government’s ability to protect its citizens. The decision to secede will certainly affect South Carolina opening grounds for future wars.
The United States constitution stipulates specific responsibilities of different states. The Constitution is the only document that people within South Carolina perceive to form a perfect union, insure domestic tranquility, establish justice, promote general welfare, offer a common defense, and secure liberty blessings to the citizens.” The Constitution is a unifying factor between the United States; therefore, secession will lead to anarchy. People within South Carolina may have mixed feelings about being a part of the United States or not. As a sovereign state, the citizens will require a constitution similar or better than the one that the United States utilized, which will proof a challenge not only to come up with a complete document but also to implement it. Additionally, individuals that supported Abraham Lincoln as president will have different views on the Constitution aspect, which will further divide the people of South Carolina. Therefore, being a part of the United States enable South Carolina to use the U.S. constitution limiting anarchy in the state.
Secession for South Carolina is likely to lead to its participation in civil

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