The Decline Of American Education

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Jessica Hollis
Mr. Wichmann
English III, Period 4
17 November 2014
The Decline of American Education The future of society depends on the education of the children in the present generation. The American board of education means well by setting standards for the students in the nation. However, is it more important for students to be excellent test takers or excel in the classroom? Is it more important to accept average work as the standard or to push students to surpass their potential? The downfall of American education is a result of the narrow minded focus on standardized testing, the nation’s lazy culture, and rising poverty levels. The dependence on standardized tests has depreciated education by taking attention away from school curriculum. These mandatory tests, unfortunately, “are being used in high-stakes ways to evaluate and punish teachers” (Strauss). Standardized tests create quotas that are required to be met and force teachers to teach students how to pass tests rather than learn the material of the subject. It is not enough these days that a teacher’s students perform well in the classroom; teachers also have to worry about the same students performing well on a standardized test. Schools are also affected by these tests because their rankings are based on their students’ scores. Consequently, this puts pressure on teachers to make sure students have good test taking abilities in order to score well on these standardized tests. This obsession with getting…
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