The Decline Of Ballymun

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Ballymun was Irelands first high rise town scheme. In 1963 Ireland was in urgent need of houses. This demand was due to the population growth of the 50’s and 60’s. It was also to move away from tenement dwellings. Most of the tenement buildings were dilapidated, old and in urgent need of repair. An alternative to this type of housing became a crucial political standpoint. “The planners and architects were convinced that system building and high rise architecture was the only conceivable solution to the housing crisis in Ireland”. Somerville-Woodward, R. (1997) Pg 35. [Factors Which Led to Decline] The decline of Ballymun can be attributed to three major factors, these are construction and design, landscaping and the lack of amenities. When…show more content…
In the plan a sum of provisions were made. Land was set aside for future economic development in a range of uses by different industries. To build on or have resources for units that could be used in the future for industry or business. Incentives and tax breaks are to be given to new businesses and industries coming into the area, in the hopes of employing a local workforce. These incentives are also being granted to existing local businesses too, to try further develop them. Incorporating Ballymun into the wider industrial market has always been an aim. Its location, a short distance from Dublin airport and right beside the M50 motorway was a major focal point in the regeneration plan. It is anticipated that Ballymun could piggyback on the success that Dublin airport and its surrounds have had enticing international companies to set up in Dublin. Changing how Ballymun is perceived by investors is critical to a successful regeneration of the area, as it will need independent investment in the form of business and enterprise besides public schemes if the area wants to grow. Increasing the skill base and level of education in the area “Will increase opportunities for employment and business development”. (Source

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