The Decline Of Cognitive Decline

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Are nursing homes associated with the acceleration of cognitive decline? The relevance of this question is that there are many families that are concerned about their loved one 's health when they are placed into a nursing home. First, what are some of the reasons for families to place their loved one’s into a nursing home? Second, what is Alzheimer’s and Dementia? Third, what are the reasons for the decline in most residents cognitive behaviors? Finally, how can we help change the acceleration of cognitive decline? Nursing homes are suppose to be helping the residents maintain their health as long as they can but are they really helping the residents? If nursing homes are better for the well being of the ill loved one, then why is the decline of cognitive behavior accelerating? Although many families want to do what is best for their loved one, they may be required to make the decision to place them into a nursing home because it is too hard to care for them on their own. Even though this is a very hard decision, they find themselves questioning themselves whether it is the right time for this big change. How do you know it is time? What are some of the signs? At Johns Hopkins Memory and Alzheimer’s Treatment Center, researcher Peter Rabins, talked about some of the signs you will see to help you better decide. If the development of a physical impairment advances and the caregiver can no longer meet the demand of help, it may be time to place the loved
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