The Decline Of Gender Vs. The Hook-Up Culture

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There still exist segregated jobs such as secretarial jobs for women just under different titles such as administrative office work, and men are still dominating construction jobs. Since the 1960’s feminist movement women were able to move away from the traditional, domestic work into factory jobs that were once male dominated. Also the increase in better jobs earned women better pay, although women’s pay still lag significantly behind men’s pay for the same types of work. Employers are less likely to give certain jobs to women that are considered male dominated such as truck drivers, and this is too keep women segregated into the types of jobs that can be and has been performed at home. I feel that even if certain jobs such as teachers, nurses, and cooks are considered domesticated by nature, times have changed whereas males are feeling more comfortable switching roles. You now have the stay at home dads and men who are nurses. These role changes are acceptable by society. The teen pregnancy rates have declined as a result of the increase in sexual protection used by teens. The use of condoms…show more content…
Some people are describing it as all forms of sexual connections while others describe it as sexual connections excluding intercourse. The decline in traditional hook- ups where you meet someone at school, at parties, at church to date, leading to a relationship of romance and love has changed. Now a days social media hook-ups are common. I feel that it is very dangerous to meet people on dating sites for the sole reason to hook- up. We hear about the tragic endings of meeting strangers online and the stories of rape from hook-ups. My question on this topic is : The feminist movement gave women sexual power and freedom with the introduction of birth control pills, Is the hook-up just another form of liberation for women or are they victims of a toxic
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