The Decline Of Human Cultural Diversity

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Languages are being rapidly lost, at a rate of extinction. Serious concerns over the impending loss of human cultural diversity have caused many organizations to actively start engaging in the upkeep of languages. Early studies have identified areas with a high number of endangered languages, and preformed investigations. What they came across was the population size of the culture, and how vast of an area the language is spoken in, are key factors to the decline of languages. Other factors include; mass genocide, evolution, economics growth or decline, religion, a change in culture can be a partial cause for the endangerment or extinction of a language. The main factor is usually when a more powerful and pronounced language over takes the smaller subdivision languages, somewhat related to what the Lingua franca. An example of this would be in Canada. In parts of Canada such as Quebec the primary language is French, but in other many places in Canada, Toronto, Thunder Bay, Montreal, the primary language is English, so French is become less common throughout the country. The more powerful and know language allows for less language barriers, and allows easier communication. So what does it mean for a language to become endangered? It means extinction may be in the near future. Only a few people still speak the language and when they become deceased the language will soon cease to exist, unless they preserve documents or it continues to get passed on. How many languages…
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