The Decline Of The Atlantic Slave Trade

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The Atlantic Slave Trade took place subsequently to the breakthrough discovery of the New World, also acknowledged today as North and South America. The Trade established a global exchange or Triangular trade between the Americas, Europe and Africa. The exchange between the Old and New world occurred to satisfy the enormous European demands for African labor on the plantations and for the colonization across the newly uncovered land. Prior to the Atlantic Slave Trade, Slavery had stood alive and thriving for centuries, leaving places like Africa with an immeasurable loss of human population. One stage of the Triangular slave trade was the Middle Passage, where millions of purchased and abducted Africans were transported to America being exchanged for other marketed possessions. The Zong vcvv was one of the several slave ships to travel the middle passage, leaving behind over a hundred deceased living beings and several court appearances. The abolition of the slavery in America did not begin until the eighteenth century, almost two hundred years following. Amongst the immeasurable tragedies that transpired to Africans during the middle passage, the executions and outcomes of the Zong ship massacre became one of the most influential catalysts for pushing forward the abolition of slavery, remaining one of the most dishonorable and narcissistic occurrences to ever strike by exposing the immense atrocities of the middle passage and Trans-Atlantic slave trade of the late 1700’s.…

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