The Decline Of The Empires Of Ghana And Mali

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Of all of the empires from the beginning and to the end of mankind’s rise to power, it is inevitable that they all may fall. To study each of the empires and learn of their mistakes would be ideal in basing a government off of their successes, from which, to have it last as long as it may. From the beginning, man had been driven towards successes of power and to the actability of the generation of wealth. From the study of the European Roman Empire, to its partial successor, the Byzantine Empire, and even of the empire of the Americas, the Mayan and the Aztec; they have all fallen, yet their long rule makes impacting impressions upon rules which still survive today. It does not matter if you look at the Chinese empires of the Yuan and Ming dynasties, or even to the African empires of Ghana and Mali; their legacies determine other’s futures. Whereas at this time, they should be expounded upon to determine whether some of their more harsher forces strived them to achieve more than those who guided their people through compromise and assimilation of local traditions.
Within the rise and fall of the European powers of the Roman Empire, one thing was certain, and that was the way they were able to stay in power throughout their autocracy reign. Many would say that this was due to their impressive, driven rulers who had shaped Rome into what it is today. This is generally true, however, rulers such as Augustus allowed for his empire to grow peacefully and prosper, which he took

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