The Decline Of The European Empires

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1) What enabled Europeans to carve out huge empires an ocean away from their homelands?
There are many reasons as to why the Europeans were able to make empires far away from their homelands. The first reason being that Europeans were near the Americas unlike their opponents (Asia) in which were father away. The Europeans were determined to gain more land, enlarge the religion of Christianity, and expand the economy by gaining more territory. Every European had their own reasoning for wanting to expand therefore, everyone had their own motives. Another reason that enabled them was that they were also involved in trading which helped them transport items to and from the Americas. The last reason was the Europeans immunity to diseases. While many Americans fell ill because of all of the European diseases, the Europeans did not, enabling them to conquer more land.
2) What large-scale transformations did European empires generate?
There were many large-scale transformations that the European empires generated. One of the many examples of the transformations would be the fall of the Native American civilizations. When the Europeans started to build their empire, the Native American population started to fall. Another example would be that the European and African peoples started to construct new societies within the Americas. Silver mines in Mexico and in Peru started the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean trade. The Europeans also exchanged plants and animals with the Americas

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