The Decline Of The Imperial Collapse Of Rome And Greece

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Unlike that of China, the decline of Rome was much more upsetting having a much larger impact on the surrounding world. The Decline and fall of the Mediterranean and Chinese civilizations was a result of population decrease, weak government, a frail economy, and invasion. The causes of the imperial collapse in Rome and Greece(The Mediterranean region)with the causes of imperial collapse in the East Asia during the period 600 BCE toward 600 CE has had an remarkable achievements but those same achievements have caused them into decline. A combination of these causes sparked the slow decline of these once great empires.. . The powerful, spoilt, wealthy Roman Emperors inevitably became corrupt and many lived a debauched, deluded and immoral lifestyle. Massive consumption of alcohol. The emperor had power over life and death. Brothels and forced prostitution flourished. The sadistic cruelty towards both man and beasts in the arena. Emperors such as Tiberius kept groups of young boys for his pleasure, incest by Nero who also had a male slave castrated so he could take him as his wife, Elagabalus who forced a Vestal Virgin through marriage, Commodus with his harems of concubines enraged Romans by sitting in the theatre or at the games dressed in a woman 's garments. Religious festivals such as Saturnalia and Bacchanalia where sacrifices, ribald songs, lewd acts and sexual promiscuity were practised. Immoral and promiscuous sexual behaviour including adultery and orgies. The
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