The Decline Of The Nineteenth Century

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The nineteenth century saw a massive change in the educational systems of Europe. Many countries began to educate students more, and educate a wider group of students. The countries of Europe also began to explore means of higher education, and give people the ability to enhance their education. The nineteenth century saw the beginning of educational reform that would set the basis for current educational practices across Europe. Some of the areas that were changed were elementary education, higher education, and women’s education. In this paper we shall examine the changes that happened throughout France, Britain, and Germany throughout the nineteenth, as well as compare and contrast the changes that happened in the three. Before we examine each country we will examine their education leading up to the nineteenth century. Before Napoleon took over France, and before the French educational changes that followed Napoleon the educational system was under the control of the Catholic Church. The Church were the ones primarily in control of education, and even the French monarchy before Napoleon wanted to increase education by offering higher education. However even this higher education would be under the watchful eye of the Catholic Church. Even at the beginning of the revolution there was not much educational change that went on in France because of the turmoil caused by the revolution. However when the revolution calmed down Education became one of Napoleon’s top…
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