The Decline Of The Ottoman Empire

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How the Decline of the Ottoman Empire Led to the Armenian Genocide

Extended Essay in History
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Douglas County High School
Douglasville, GA, USA

Examination Session:
May 2016

Kiran Lakhani


Through the investigation of the changes occurring from the first European presence in the Muslim world to the end of the Ottoman Empire, this essay attempts to answer why the Armenian genocide occurred. The Ottoman Empire started its decline when Napoleon entered Egypt in 1798. Napoleon brought along with him armies but also a new culture. The British did the same with Moghul India. The elite and people in positions of power were impressed by what the Europeans and the Americans were doing and seeing how powerful and successful they were. The Turks in the Ottoman Empire wanted the same. The Young Turks overthrew the Sultan of the time and started a reform of the Ottoman Empire to try to salvage it. The Young Turks also believed that all people regardless of religion or ethnicity deserved the same rights.
The Armenians were one of the ethnicities that were in the minority. They obtained more rights when the policy was put in place. Before the Armenians received their right they were rebelling against the Ottomans. This was frightening to the majority. Massacres of the minorities, especially the Armenians started well before 1915, but the killings progressed in 1915. Many of the Armenians were deported and forced to leave their homes. In 1915
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