The Decline Of The Paleolithic Age

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A. Humans began migrating across the globe during the Paleolithic Age. The human species originated in Eastern Africa around the African Great Lakes. From there, they spread out all over Africa. Then they moved out of Africa into Southwestern Asia. They migrated toward Europe and from Eastern Asia down through the Pacific Islands and Australia. Many historians argue over how humans populated the Americas, but most believe that they traveled on a land bride, connecting Russia to North America during the Ice age. Once they reached North America, the Paleolithic people migrated downward until they reached the tip of South America. The spread of the human species an impressive achievement of the Paleolithic Age.
B. Agriculture was started during the Neolithic Revolution. The people in the Middle East were the first to develop farming. Gradually, the knowledge spread to other communities in South Africa, India, North China, and Southeast Asia. Agriculture emerged because of the end of the Ice Age. It became harder to hind animals to hunt and farming provided a reliable source of food.
C. Sedentary agriculture lead to many changes in society. Farming gave people a reliable resource for food, which could support a lot more people compared to hunting. Because it created a larger population of people, it was harder to migrate in a nomadic life style. Thus, people began building permanent homes and villages. Agriculture also caused the invention and development of new techniques and
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