The Decline Of Western Culture

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Schaeffer Critique
Purpose of Text and Intended Audience The purpose of the book is to discuss the decline of Western culture by analyzing history from his perspective from Rome to his present day (the 1970’s). Schaeffer (2005) presents the idea that to redeem society Christians must live as God desires and completely live by the Bible’s teachings of morals and values. The intended audience would be Christians, because the entire tone of the book comes from a Christian worldview. Although, non-believers may read the book, they may not glean insights from it like believers.
Thesis and Bias Schaeffer’s (2005) thesis was on how we should live now by understanding our history and culture through philosophical, scientific, and religious knowledge. Throughout the book Schaeffer (2005) displays bias because the book is written from a Christian perspective. Therefore, the way history is presented is skewed due to his Christian intent.
Theoretical Assumptions and Issues One of the first concepts Schaeffer (2005) explores in the book is the significance of peoples’ presuppositions of Western history. Schaeffer (2005) believes that everyone has presuppositions and that they are gained through our family, peers, and our culture. His issue is that Western Civilization is declining and tracing history can shed light on why and how we should live to reverse the effects (Schaeffer, 2005).
Historical and Current Issues and Implications
The book begins in Rome. Schaeffer (2005)
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