The Decline of Classical Hollywood Films

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Introduction The decline of Classical Hollywood films came after the Hollywood Antitrust Case of 1948 as television audiences dwindled in the wave of television popularity and accessibility and the taste and interests of viewers which in turn ended the monopoly of Hollywood Studios. To combat this Hollywood Studios turned it’s back on the origins of its creation and headed in a new direction. An era of film-school educated, liberal filmmakers began in Hollywood where the directors of the films began to express their personal view and creative insights. These directors and new age film-makers were heavily influence by the work of the Italian Neo Realism and French New Wave this saw American film change drastically from its previous eras of filming techniques and saw a whole new era take over. Many changes happened following the 1948 lawsuit. Which saw the structure of American cinema completely change and brought a new era which defined the production of films and had a huge influence on the progression of film. With this, along with the influence of Italian neo realism and the French new wave, American Cinema grew and grew from Classical styles to against the grain alternative movies which then flourished into the blockbuster industry those born in the 80’s and 90’s grew up with. Main Body The American antitrust case of 1948 was a lawsuit between the Supreme court and the 7 main film houses in Hollywood at the time. These were Paramount, Universal, MGM, Twentieth
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