The Decline of the World's IQ

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What will end the world as we know it? It could be climate change, disease, famine, or global war. If none of those come to pass there is always the truth that we are breeding our IQ into the basement. It’s called dysgeneic fertilization, and it has been happening for as long as we’ve been recording intelligence. Although this decline can be seen across the board, not everyone is affected the same way or to the same extent. With each generation that passes a gap widens between those retaining intelligence and those hemorrhaging intelligence. Action must be taken to prevent the gap from widening in order to stem a social divide and dystopia from forming.
Declining intellect is a problem that has been of interest for over a century.
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Moving away from the socioeconomic segregation, we find that the social divide isn't limited to just level of intelligence. The Bell Curve discusses the disparity between white and blacks, and how race plays a part in levels of intelligence. Opponents to this segregation dismiss the findings of Herrnstein and Murray as a racist ploy (Fraser et al.), but Herrnstein and Murray do not take a racist stance. They show that after controlling for IQ, race holds little sway and even gives blacks an edge in obtaining high-IQ jobs (Herrnstein and Murray 317-340). This isn't to say a clear disparity doesn't exist currently. However, race isn't the only factor when determining dysgenics. They go as far as to show that on even footing, race won't matter. Bringing us back to the lines drawn between the classes, you can easily see where the other factors suggested by Flynn will come into play. If these trends continue, what is the future that we face? Embracing prognostication presented in the media, the outcomes do not look bright. Andrew Niccol tackles the dystopic future in two of his works, In Time and Gattaca. Niccol’s In Time tackles the socioeconomic divide based on a class or caste system. With a focus

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