The Decrease Of Forest Cover And Forest Resources

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Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries of the world with a population more than 150 million. The rate of population increase is decreasing in Bangladesh but still it is high enough to create immense pressure on different sectors like agriculture, forestry, economy etc. To fulfill the demand of increasing population more agricultural lands, buildup areas, settlements, roads and highways are necessary. These development activities will definitely corroborate the decrease of forest cover and forest resources in Bangladesh. It is evident that global climate is changing and Bangladesh is one of the most vulnerable countries in the world due to climate change. In the near future temperature will increase, sea level will rise, and incessant rainfall events will increase in a whole there will be an accentuation of extreme events. These extreme events will affect the forest resources and biodiversity of Bangladesh. For example only 0.5 meter sea level rise will inundate the whole Sundarbans. So for ensuring habitat and sustainable environment for the present and future generations of the country amelioration of forest and forest recourses, conservation and identification of biodiversity and increase of forest cover up to idea limit are necessary. Forest Resources in Bangladesh
Bangladesh lies in the north-eastern part of the South Asia between 20°34’and 26°38’ North latitude and 88°01’ and 92°41’ East longitude. The area of the country is 14.757

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