The Decrease of the Nuclear Family

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Decrease in the amount of nuclear families There are several possible reasons for the decrease in the number of nuclear families, particularly in the past forty years. This includes rising cohabitation, higher divorce rates, secularisation, rising same sex relationships, more career seekers and the rise in feminism. Firstly, a nuclear family is a family consisting of a man and woman (usually married) in a sexual relationship with one or more children. One reason for this type of family becoming less common is due to the rising number of divorces. Getting divorced has become much easier than in the past. 40% of all marriages end in divorce. There is much less stigma attached to divorce in modern society so people are less afraid to do it,…show more content…
Rules such as no sex before marriage direct people onto the pathway of family and would increase the number of nuclear families. Secularisation however means people are not following rules such as these and therefore leading to a decrease in the number of nuclear families as more people did follow these rules in the past. Fourthly, over the last 40 years more same sex relationships are occurring due to change in legislation and reduce in stigma. Same sex relationships in the past were highly frowned upon and even illegal. Linking back to secularisation, stigma has decreased on the topic of homosexuality as most religions state same sex relationships are not allowed. So in the past more people agreed with and followed these rules however now people are much more accepting and open about same sex relationships. The civil partnership act of 2004 meant that gay couples could have the same rights as married couples. This lead to a large rise in the amount of same sex relationships and as this was increasing the amount of nuclear families started decreasing as a nuclear family cannot consist of two people of the same sex. Fifthly, the rise in career seeking people has risen. People who are dedicated to their work often do not have time to sustain a relationship and settle down and have a family. This means there are less first marriages today as the facts show. In England and wales 143,000 first marriages occurred in 2007. This is significantly

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