The Decriminalization Of Democracy In America

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In the society we live in today, expressing your political views often times results in natural conflict within American Politics. Chapter one of the text starts off with discuss of the decriminalization or legalization of marijuana within the four states of Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Alaska. These states had equal votes agreed upon between both parties in order to make this change, however, it still proves to be an issue if legalizing the growth, production and consumptions of marijuana is in the best interest for the people of America. These laws are typically made at state and national levels of government and as Chapter one explains, “The complexity of provision in our Constitutions, called federalism gives the federal government…show more content…
Due to this problem there is a separation of power that is divided into 3 branches: Legislative Branch, who makes the laws. Executive Branch, who carry out the laws and the Judicial Branch, who explains the laws in order for each branch to be consistent and to prevent one branch from causing any harm to the population of America there is the check and balances. This means that each branch could check the other. The three major theories of democracy each hold a different meaning. For instance; Elite democracy tends to favor more of the wealthier individual. Pluralist democracy divides power amounts many people within their organization. And Participatory democracy empowers all of the citizens into gather groups, movements and area in the field. Pluralist democracy would likely help manage the continual issue on marijuana. This group represents the unity of others that may share the same common interest in politics or any interest groups. Within the pluralist democracy the highest group holds the many resources needed to make a controllable change as well as the authority which can produce the highest influence on any political…show more content…
According to the article, “The Last Choice”, the California Legislature has passed a bill call “A Right to Die Act” in favor over assisted suicide since September 11, 2015 (Sanburn 2017, 50). This act was created in defense of terminally-ill patients who wished to end their lives due unstable circumstances they faced. Many physicians voiced their concern about this issue and made contacted with their state representatives in order to be heard. Anesthesiologist Dr. Daniel Swangard is one of the physicians describe in this article who help pass the law in California after witnessing several of his patients suffer from irreversible illness. Suicide is an option that can only be available in states that have made it legal and only to patients who have terminal-illness and who have more than one physician to sign off on
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