The Deepwater Horizon Oil Drilling

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Five years have passed since the horrific explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig that led to the tragic end to the lives of eleven men and critically injured seventeen. 3.19 million gallons of crude oil and natural gas was leaked in to the Gulf of Mexico. Though there were countless efforts made to clean the oil out of the water, the environment and even the people in the surrounded areas are still being greatly affected by the spill both financially. The Deepwater horizon rig, owned by Transocean, an offshore-oil-drilling company that was leased by the BP oil company was located in the Macondo oil prospect in the Mississippi canyon. On April 20, 2010 Natural gas broke through a poorly constructed concrete core and traveled up to the platform where, once ignited, ruptured into an explosion. There were eleven fatalities and seventeen of the rigs workers were injured. Due to a malfunction in the rigs blowout preventer, which is supposed to close the oil channel, oil was spilled directly into the Gulf of Mexico when the rig capsized and sank, rupturing a riser. “A 2014 report by the U.S. Chemical Safety Board claimed that the blind shear rams,” giant blades that are supposed to cut through the pipe to help seal it, “had activated sooner than previously thought and may have actually punctured the pipe” (Britannica, 2015) Though many attempts were made to seal the well, it was not successfully sealed until September 19. Meaning oil was leaking into the waters of the Gulf of…
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