The Defense Budget Should Increase Military Spending

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To spend or not to spend, that is the question. America is torn, not sure whether it should increase military spending or if it should considerably slash the budget. Advocates for a higher defense budget claim more spending will lead to a stronger, better trained military, which would in turn help secure our status as the superlative military power of the world. However, supporters of the defense budget cuts argue for a reduction in troop size, which they believe would save the country billions and allow the nation to focus those savings on next generation technology for protection. This argument has raged for decades with no solution in sight. Maybe we have been approaching this problem all wrong. Perhaps, instead of the shortsighted approach of either raise or lower the budget, we try a smarter, more efficient method of spending to ensure every dollar of our annual military budget positively impacts our national defense. The debate whether to raise or lower the defense budget has plagued this nation for generations with many sides expressing their viewpoints on the matter. Though there are no doubt countless points of views, two main camps come to the forefront: either rise or lower the budget. These two opposing camps are often broad enough to encompass most other ideas on the debate whether for or against it, leaving outliers little room at the proverbial table in which to make their case. Proponents for a fiscal increase range far and wide with perhaps the most…
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