The Defense Of Defense And The Cia

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Under the Reagan Doctrine, the CIA trained and helped the Contras, an anti-communist guerrilla force in Nicaragua, who were battling against the Sandinistas. The Boland Amendment was passed in which the Department of Defense and the CIA were restricted from operating in Nicaragua. . McFarlane believed the sale of arms would enhance relations between the U.S. and Iran, and increase the influence of the U.S. in the Middle East, in especial Lebanon. Reagan was driven by seven Americans who were being held hostages by terrorists in Lebanon. They proceeded to ship arms to Iran, a violation of the embargo. This came to be know as the “arms-for-hostages deal”. The money was used to finance the Contras in their battle against the Sandinistas. When the sales activities were discovered, there had been over 1,500 missiles already shipped to Iran and Reagan had no success in freeing the hostages. A few were once released, and then replaced in equal numbers. Reagan publicly denied the operations but fourteen persons were charged with crimes relating to these activities.
The U.S. government regarded Fidel Castro with suspicion due to his relationship with Soviet Union leader, Nikita Khrushchev. John F. Kennedy conceded with the Central Intelligence Agency about a plan to train Cuban exiles for an invasion of Cuba. The goal was to overthrow Castro and to stop the Cuban government from being Communist. The Bay of Pigs Invasion failed. As a result, those exiles who did not escape, either…
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