The Defense Of Homeland Security

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An incredibly long 13 years has passes since the Department of Homeland Security has stood up and began the ultra important job of protecting the United States from both state and non-state sponsored threats. There have also been great strides made to protect the U.S. from insider threats as well. The monumental effort it took to synergize all 22 agencies with inherently different jobs into one living breathing unit took significant patience and forethought. There has been and will continue to be heated debates on protecting civil liberties while guarding citizens from both terrorists and natural disasters. Can there be a balance of maintaining civil liberties and securing the airports, borders, and cities from another 9/11? Has there been a significant improvement in how different agencies break through the bureaucracy and come together to share information? There has indeed been a substantial improvement to how 22 agencies across the government provide security for all Americans. In response to the attacks on 9/11 the PATRIOT act was passed. (Congressional Digest 2004, 258) The PATRIOT act provided, in many ways like the creation of Department of Homeland Security (DHS), sweeping changes across the government. The PATRIOT act allowed law enforcement unprecedented latitude to identify, prosecute, and ultimately stop terrorists from harming Americans. There were three broad areas where the act gave the agencies tracking terrorists more help. (Congressional Digest 2004,…
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