The Defense Of Marriage Act

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Harrison Alley
Honors Government
April 20, 2015
Marriage is between a man and a woman. Or, at least, that is how The Defense of Marriage Act defines it. The act, passed in 1996, attempted to offer closure to Americans who wondered how to define marriage in the United States. American advocates for gay rights date back to the early 20th century, but true advancements in equality haven’t been made until the past ten years. Opponents of the act have argued that the decision breeds inequality and discrimination in a country that was founded to avoid the two. The opponents undoubtedly rejoiced on June 26, 2013 as the Supreme Court ruled that the wording used in section three of the Defense of Marriage Act was unconstitutional. Section three of the act stated that marriage was “between one man and one woman” (Gaynor and Blesset, 2). The Defense of Marriage Act is under constant scrutiny and may be completely repealed due to increased awareness of human rights among Americans, a drastic change in American public opinion, and politicians facing loss of constituent support if they do not support gay rights and the associated legislation. The Defense of Marriage Act, passed on September 21, 1996, was an act that intended to provide a concrete definition of marriage and protect it from attempts to redefine it. Due to an increased number of citizens realizing that, because of their homosexual marriage, they would not receive the same benefits of a heterosexual…
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