The Defense Of Socrates, Euthyphro, And Crito Essay

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The Defense of Socrates Essay In the book Plato: The Defense of Socrates, Euthyphro, and Crito, Socrates is accused and taken to court on the charges of corrupting the youth, impiety, and his slandering of orators. His accusers most notably Meletus, Anytus, and Lycon have all requested that Socrates be trailed and punished under the law for his crimes. During Socrates’ trail he is given a chance to explain himself against the accusations which he is being convicted under. If he is found guilty on these charges, Socrates is to be prisoned and commit suicide on his own will by drinking hemlock. At his trail, Socrates gives reasoning for his actions and a prediction, ultimately, on the outcome his of prosecution if he were to be convicted and found guilty, being the citizens of Athens will be harmed more by his death than he will. Although, Socrates gives a number of implications, Athenians could face, a few notable ones that defend his warning are his belief of the youth and what they are being taught concerning by who may not be as wise as they appear, Socrates at his old age relatively understands that death is inevitable and he does not fear it, and his encouragement of understanding and criticism as it is not given and encouraged by others the same while his death will only have more like him who will take stronger stands with their messages. I will argue, therefore, that these points made by Socrates are indeed valid and have a level of
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