The Defense Of The Suez Canal

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1. Battles of WWI
The Defense of the Suez Canal, 1915; 2. Write a brief outline that includes the key summary information of
·Who: The British in control of Egypt, commanded by General Sir John Maxwell and Major-General A. Wilson (150 dead) VS the Turkish commanded by Djemal Pasha (1400 Dead).
·What: This was a battle over the Suez Canal that resulted in British victory.
·Where: The Suez Canal in Egypt.
·When: This battle took place during the third to the fourth of February 1915
·Why: this battle was significant to the war. The Suez Canal was a major line for the British in the Middle East for logistics. It was primarily a waterway for shipping to India but was also part of the British control of Egypt. The Canal was defended on both
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Then, explain how these weapons changed warfare and give evidence for your answer.

Machine guns
Hiram Maxim created Machine Gun and in 1883, he created the first multi bullet-firing weapon. This lead to wider development of automatic weapons which were later used in war. (Note: the 1862 Gatling gun which was ran by hand cranking.)
The machinegun was first used at the very start of WWI, The Germans having a design already in mass production by 1914. Seeing as there were already machine guns made the first battle would likely be the battle of Marne. The machine gun changed the face of war, as it was known, adding in the ability to cover areas in blankets of bullets in both defense and offensive stances. There are many types of modern machine guns. These guns are used in mostly every military operation in modern time. Tanks
The British adopted the first tank prototype as a design in 1916. The tank was first used in the battle of Flers-Courcelette. The tank changed war wildly just as the machine gun did, the introduction of the tank meant that war had to adapt to the rolling bunkers. This adaption caused warfare to take new face in ways to counter the invention. Tanks are a major part of warfare today, with huge advances being made constantly to the vehicle platform and more and more warfare being seen by the vehicles as time goes on. Airplanes
Airplanes were first used in warfare
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