The Defensive Communication Types Of Communication

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http://viDefensive Communications For each of the following defensive communication types, discuss a time when a person engaged in this sort of defensive communication with you. Additionally, discuss the emotions you experienced in each defensive communication situation. Judgmental or evaluative communication: “Any message perceived as evaluative or judgmental increases the receiver’s defensiveness. When an individual is being evaluated or rated, he or she is more on guard. In contrast, nonblaming communication reduces defensiveness” (Zastrow, 2015, p.161). Example 1: When working has a CNA student in training, I felt like I was always on guard because we were being evaluated on what we were doing right or doing wrong. Of course, everyone makes mistakes, however, I kept having issues with a particular coworker that was always being judgmental and it hurt my feelings because I felt like she was targeting me because she did not like me. Finally, the issue got resolved because I stood up for myself, the coworker just wanted me to do a good job and she was working full-time, going to school, and trying to do everything else and not getting enough sleep. In a way she was taking things out on me in a negative manner, however, that was not her intention and I took in the wrong way when it was not intended to be mean. Controlling communications (in an attempt to control you): “Communication meant to control behavior or thoughts also increases defensiveness. For example, when a
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