The Definition Of E Learning

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Definition of e-Learning Today people need to learn new concepts and new techniques that change rapidly, so people have an overwhelming need to learn, sometime they also need to work while learning and their resources are limited therefore they need the power of technology to overcome the limitations of time, distance and resources. E-Learning provide people from one or different organizations anytime and anywhere learning possibilities, providing the resources to teach them. Different e - Learning methods exist to support the different learning styles of different people who learn in different ways and at different times. According to (2015) “E-Learning is a range of information technologies that schools and corporations use for education and training.” In e- Learning courses, instructors and students who are too often located in different physical places receive the information through computer networks, so they are provided the same material via their computers. According to Hung Jui-long, (2012), some scholars define e-learning as an instruction delivered by all electronic media. Among them is Govindasamy (2002, p. 288) who stated that e-learning “includes instruction delivered via all electronic media including the Internet, intranets, extranets, satellite broadcasts, audio/video tape, interactive TV, and CD-ROM.” Significant developments in e-Learning over the past ten years One of the most significant developments in e-learning is the introduction of
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