The Definition Of Freedom And Equality In The United States

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When people think of the United States of America, they think of freedom and equality for all, but for many years in history, this was not the case. Many minority groups that have overtime immigrated to the United States have gone through harsh times of inequality, even times of slavery and violence. It is hard to believe living in this time and era that there was this extreme amount of discrimination within our cities and towns just decades ago. For many minority groups, particularly African Americans, equality is a more recent gift, and the spread of this equality gave way to a new light throughout the United States. After struggling and protesting the inequality for months and years, African Americans were finally granted the rights they deserved and, from that point on, the United States has grown while it has re-defined freedom for citizens no matter what race they are. Freedom is a difficult word to define simply because it has so many complications. The textbook definition of freedom is the power to say or express one’s feelings without being stopped or harmed. Having freedom and being granted the liberty to act however one wants is powerful and people have done big things with the liberty they have been granted in the past. Living in the United States today, all citizens are granted freedom, as it is stated in our National Anthem that we are the “land of the free and the home of the brave”, although this has not always been the case. Around the world, people are
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