The Definition Of Freedom : The Statue Of Liberty

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America was grown of the words freedom and liberty. We became who we are by making these words become valuable to us. Now we associate objects with them like the Statue of Liberty in New York. But what is the statue of liberty without liberty itself? Does liberty have the same meaning for everyone, or does it differ depending on the situation? There are multiple meanings of liberty, but a few of the definitions share close to the same meaning. Americans would not argue about the meaning of liberty they would agree that liberty means the state of being free. However, there are a few different ways to use the word liberty that lead it to have different meanings. Most Americans know liberty as the “state or quality of being free.” However, there is more to the word liberty then just being free. Liberty can mean that people have the power to do as they please and have the freedom from physical resistant. But depending on the context, there is more than one definition of liberty. Another definition of liberty is privilege. Privilege for people go and roam freely within specified limits. Merriam- Webster says liberty can also mean the act of going beyond normal limits. This means that people take the liberty to do or engage in activities that are beyond their normal limits. It means to take a risk or chance, as when someone wants to take risk and deviance from their daily practice. The meaning of the word liberty changes depending on the context of the word. Parents and
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