The Definition Of Friendship

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Friendship in itself can have a variety of meanings. A more modern definition of friendship is a mutual connection between two or more people. Though this definition is not wrong by any means, a classical definition, created by Aristotle, goes further to explain what friendship, or philia in Aristotle’s days, really means and what it takes to have a friendship. Aristotle describes his definition of friendship as “reciprocated goodwill” (Aristotle 121). There isn’t just one type of friendship either, but there is rather three types of friendships that come with three different types of rules behind them. These three types of friendships are friendship of utility, friendship of pleasure, and friendship of the good. Aristotle describes a friendship of utility as a companionship that will dissolve after the advantage is not apparent any longer, or in other words, a friendship in which one friend has an advantage for being the others friend. The second type of friendship, friendship of pleasure is a friendship in which a friend has a bond with another in return for their own pleasure. The third, and final, type of friendship Aristotle calls friendship of the good, which is a perpetual and instinctive companionship between two persons that are mirrored by virtue and are in the friendship for equal benefits. Each type has their own strengths and own weaknesses, but in the end, they all are equal by their connection: friendship. Friendships of utility is the first out of three
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