The Definition Of Friendship

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“Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together” – Woodrow Wilson. The dictionary definition of a friendship is a relationship between two people who have become friends through mutual interests. However, friendship means so much more than just similar interests. It is a strong bond that had been grown over a period of time that is hard to break. For most people friendships begin at school. School is the first place where you are really exposed to kids around your age. In small towns this is really the only place where kids are able to expand their interests and find common ground with someone else. In Holly for example if a kid is going to be homeschooled or some other form of education than, no one his or her age would know they exist. There are many different kinds of friendships. These types include acquaintance which is the very basis of getting along with someone. An acquaintance is someone who would be easy to get along with, but not someone you would trust with your life. An acquaintance probably would not even be someone that you would spend personal time with. Examples of acquaintances are coworkers and classmates. The next type of friendship is simply a friend. A friend is someone who is easy to get along with. A friend essentially is an acquaintance that spends personal time with you doing things both are mutually interested in. A friend is in your close circle. A friend is still not the highest level a friendship can
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