The Definition Of Health Policy Essay

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This report will discussed the definition of health policy, the process of making a policy, the laws and legislations involve, the healthcare advocacy of professionals in politics and decision-making, and lastly, explore the advantages and drawbacks of 2 types of decision making models. The learning outcome of this report will further explore and better understand widely the process how the government of any nation undergo a certain procedure before arriving to an outcome.

What is Policy? It is defined as a concept of coherent ideas or method of action selected by the government to guide and carry out such course of action with a common long-term objectives affecting a certain outcome1. These policies are formulated and implemented by the government to influence and resolve major decisions requiring actions and activities for long term purposes that is widely accessible.
Health Policy are reforms of decisions, actions, and strategies to attain a particular health care goals within the society. WHO (2016) defines health care policy to create specific goals and targets where short and long term are met for future purposes2. It is a framework for health care professionals to build an agreement which informs them. For instance the National Drug Policy 2015-2020, is a current health care policy made by the Ministry of Health in New Zealand, where certain strategies and practices that counteracts with alcohol and drug issues. The Policy is a guide in decision making, prioritising

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