The Definition Of Multicultural Competence

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The definition of multicultural competence means in part to approach the counseling process from the context of the personal culture of the client (Sue, Arrendondo & McDavis, 1994; Sue & Sue, 2007). Professional ethics compel counselors to ensure that their cultural values and biases do not override those of the client (ACA, 2005). The presenters shared personal examples of their individual cultures and how these impacted their personal and professional lives, including their professional self-awareness, knowledge, and skills. They also embodied several variables of discrimination. For example, one of the presenters, who is an immigrant from India, represented the personal experiences of sexism as a woman. The second presenter, an African American male, raised in the United States, represented racism, as it continues to affect how society views people of color (Lodge, 2010). The third presenter, a woman of multiple heritages, represented a group that receives less attention from counselors and offered a selfassessment tool to determine their individual competence as a socially just multicultural counselor. She also presented a theory to help unlink one‟s personal ego from functioning in the role of multicultural counselor. Participants were also invited to remain positive by substituting and for but in conversations. The final presenter, a male with multiple heritages, submitted written materials for the participants focusing the discussion on the development of
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