The Definition Of Racism In The Criminal Justice System

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Diana Marcano October 18, 2017 ANT 211 Exam #1 Prof. Hamrick Society created characteristics that describe a category an individual falls under. This idea of social construction is racism, superiors (landowners, free, wealthy men) began building this societal term by causing controversies and categorizing specific groups of people. Racism exists because powerful leaders excluded certain groups because of differences they found to be inherited. According to Quinn Norton, racism comes in the late 1600s in America when Europeans arrived on the east coast of North America and began to import the Irish and African Americans; in Virginia “the whites” came into existing receiving certain rights and taking away rights from blacks (Norton 2014, 1-2). Race is not an element of human biology, it is not inherited, it’s socially constructed without biological basis, since it’s been established by the society for so many decades it’s been difficult for anthropologists to battle this phenomenon. Racism has been reproduced, although blacks fought to outlaw segregation and racial discrimination resulting in the Civil Rights Act of 1964, today, a new strategy to discriminate the rights of blacks was built and, it abides in the United States’ Criminal Justice System. The United States’ Criminal Justice System has enforced the reproduction of racism today. The U.S. Criminal Justice System is composed of three levels: Law enforcement, courts and corrections. Michelle Alexander supports
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