The Definition Of The Art And Science Of Nursing

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The Art and Science of Nursing Nursing is art and science, carried out by nurses of all ages and backgrounds who all bring their own personal and professional experience and beliefs. The nursing profession was built on a foundation of art and science and both must be embraced. I will be explaining my definition of the concepts of the art and the science of nursing and the aspect that drew me into the profession personally. Two TED talks will also be discussed about what I feel are their common themes and how those themes relate to nursing.
The Art of Nursing The art of nursing is the compassion and care nurses put into their care daily with the major focus being the patient. It is therapeutic communication that conveys the message with respect, empathy, and understanding. It is being a strong advocate, compassionate care giver and a great listener. The art of nursing also means to be aware. Knowing when your patient needs something without them having to verbally express those needs, including both physical and emotional needs. In my daily practice, I exhibit the use of the art of nursing by genuinely caring for my patients, not only administering medications, and performing other scheduled tasks, but taking the time to get to know them. I strive to learn at least one thing about each patient I care for that has nothing to do with their illness. Taking care of a patient’s emotional needs is as important as caring for their physical needs.
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