The Definition Of The Word Hero As A Man Admired For His Achievements And Noble Qualities

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Merriam-Webster lists the definition for the word hero as “A man admired for his achievements and noble qualities”. This definition is a perfect portrait former United States president Ronald Reagan. During his presidency, Reagan showed that he was this man through his patriotism, family values and faith in God, achieving economic prosperity and peace and stability during international turmoil. Explaining why he is one of America’s most revered presidents to date. Ronald Wilson Reagan was born on February 6, 1911 to parents John ‘Jack’ and Nelle Reagan along with older brother Neil in the small Midwest town of Tampico, Illinois. His father a shoe salesman and his mother a homemaker, the family often struggled to make ends meet. Throughout Ronald’s childhood, his family never once owned a home but instead uprooted, bumping from rental to rental often – an experience that proved very formative for young Ronald. Over time, Jack turned to alcohol as a means of coping with the pressures of these short-comings.
Constant moving and instability created a void in young, impressionable Ronald – an empty space that over time religion came to fill. Looking for an answer, he looked to his mother (a devout Christian herself), his heart and his feelings of loneliness all pointing him in the direction of living a life of faith. God became a very integral part of his every day, always present and the foundation of his new found stability in an a less than perfect upbringing.
Despite his…
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