The Definition and Discussion of Theology: A Chapter Review

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Rather than calling for a strict doctrinal reading, Carlo asserts not that an appropriate theological perspective must necessarily take into account the time in which the theology is being drawn out and assessed. He raises many arguments to this end, and they are quite compelling both from practical and from purely rational lines of thinking that is, Carlo provides both empirical and logical evidence to back up his claim of the ever-changing nature and the inevitable adjustments and developments of world-relevant theologies. The discussion of historical theology is especially persuasive in helping Carlo make his point, as it points out a stark disparity between the manner in which some people approach present theology and the way they approach the study of past theology. Human beings have a tendency to do this with all bodies of knowledge, where what is known today is assumed to be the final or definitive word despite the fact that what was "known" yesterday with the same degree of certainty is readily dismissed. If historical context is important for understanding the theology of previous eras, modern contexts…
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