The Definition of Happiness

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What does happiness mean? According to Merriam-Webster happiness (1) is a state of well-being and contentment, (2) an experience that makes people happy. There can be many definitions of the word happiness because it may mean different things to people. What may make me happy may not make others happy. For me happiness is as simple as feeling good about myself, doing what I love and having the people I love around me. According to the Declaration of Independence, they do not guarantee us happiness, but they do guarantee us the right to pursue what makes us happy. Happiness is hard to achieve, and that is why most of us live trying to find those things that make us happy.
My family brings joy and happiness into my life. They are a very important part of my everyday life. My family accepts and understands me as I am, and they support me no matter what. They are the ones who encourage me whenever I have a problem and help me survive in tough times. They teach me the values of love, affection and care. They are an essential part of my development and personality; thanks to them, I am a good person today. It makes me happy to go home every day and see my family, have dinner with them and spend time together. I think my life will not be the same without my parents and my sister. They are a complement to my happiness.
I pursue happiness through education. It makes me happy to go to school every day and learn new things. Getting good grades is a big satisfaction for me. In addition,
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